Wisconsin Realtors Association withdraws its endorsement of conservative judge Brian Hagedorn

This is bound to leave a mark…

State Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn lost his endorsement from the Wisconsin Realtors Association this week amid reports that he had founded a school that allows the expulsion of gay students.

The group also wants Hagedorn to return an $18,000 donation it made to him less than a month ago.

The Realtors association is a behind-the-scenes player in Wisconsin Supreme Court races that often backs conservatives like Hagedorn, an appeals judge.

“As a result of recent disclosures regarding past statements and actions by Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn, the Wisconsin Realtors Association has withdrawn its endorsement of his candidacy,” said a statement this week from Michael Theo, the president and chief executive officer of the association.

The Journal Sentinel article notes the Wisconsin Realtors Association has never withdrawn its endorsement of a Supreme Court candidate, so its decision to withdraw the endorsement of Judge Hagedorn is not only unprecedented but hopefully will serve as a crippling blow to his already lackluster and damaged candidacy.


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