Wisconsin Republicans Wary of Trump’s National Emergency

It isn’t just Democrats vs. the president on this one. Wisconsin’s Republican electeds in Washington aren’t comfortable with the Trump National Emergency either:

Jim Sensenbrenner calls it a “dangerous precedent.”  Ron Johnson says it represents a “pretty dramatic expansion” of presidential power. Mike Gallagher says it will “further undermine Congress’ much-diminished capacity for legislating.” 

Those comments from Wisconsin lawmakers reflect the deep unease of even some Republicans in Congress with Donald Trump’s decision to use an emergency declaration to fund the construction of a wall at the southern border.

Using emergency declarations to circumvent the will of Congress “destroys the separation of powers,” Sensenbrenner, the second-longest serving member of the House of Representatives, said in an interview Tuesday. “It basically takes a step toward turning the United States into a president-dominated government more than it is now.”

Republican Rep. Gallagher, who also supports more money for border barriers, reeled off a litany of concerns on Twitter last week about the use of an emergency declaration to fund the wall.

Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate homeland security committee, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that, “past Congresses have given any executive, any administration, way too much power. And this would be another expansion of that power. That’s why you see an awful lot of us concerned about this.”

An aide to freshman GOP congressman Bryan Steil said: “For years, the executive branch has extended its authority. Bryan still believes Congress is best suited to make spending decisions and is concerned about the long-term implications. … We are not going to comment on hypothetical situations, but any resolution to terminate the national emergency that is brought to the House floor will be carefully reviewed by Bryan.”

Gentlemen…may I call you that?…this is easy. Sit down with your leadership and the Democratic leadership and hammer out a bipartisan resolution ending the national emergency…and stick to it. There is a reason that the majority of both houses passed the continuing resolutions and sent them to the White House with just under $1.4 billion for the wall. YOU know why you did that. Protect your own fiefdoms at least…even if you can’t find the gumption to defend the Constitution as you were sworn to do!


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