Here’s A Reason To Support 100% Vaccination Rates

This is a typical feel good story from Jim Stingl of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And it looks like things will eventually go well for this family…but it has a dire dangerous undertone if this child were to get ‘something’ from an un-vaccinated individual.

From the beginning, two things became clear about Billy McGrath. 

One, he was born with an immune system that didn’t work, meaning a bone marrow transplant was needed.

Just one of every 58,000 babies in the United States is born with the genetic disorder that Billy has, severe combined immunodeficiency. Viruses, bacteria and fungi become dangerous invaders. This is boy-in-the-bubble stuff. 

Billy caught a break when his oldest sister, Cece, then 5 and now 6 years old, tested as a suitable bone marrow donor. The transplant on Jan. 24 was a success, and Billy’s rebuilt immune system is slowly becoming normal. It takes a year. But the special bond between this brother and sister will last forever.

The boy will need to avoid crowds and anyone who is sick.

Yes…vaccinations are meant to keep you healthy…but they are also meant to keep the entire population healthy. Let’s not put others at risk!!


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