Not Letting Go Of The Past…STOP IT!

Apparently President Donald Trump derided and made fun of his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions at CPAC yesterday. And he has continued to tweet about former FBI Director James Comey in negative terms. And he still gloats about his election victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The fact that he just can’t let go…even in victory…is just one more infantile character flaw. It makes me wince.

But don’t think the president is the only one doing this. Since Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced his run for president in 2020, social media is full of his supporters trying to rehash the 2016 election. The nomination was stolen from him and he would have beaten Trump. We don’t have time for this…we need to win in 2020. Let’s celebrate that the good senator has joined the race…by all means support his candidacy as you deem fit…and may the best candidate win. Let’s look ahead to 2020, please!

[Ironically one of the articles being used to support Senator Sanders defeating President Trump in the 2016 comes from an article in the which we’ve talked about before. It’s owned by a Russian oligarch who is former KGB agent. Go figure.]


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