Ron Johnson Refused To Defend the Constitution.

Senator Ron Johnson (R – WI) held the line with the Trump regime and voted against the resolution to end President Trump’s National Emergency for the border wall. He totally misconstrues the nature of the resolution. Yes, voting for it would be a vote against the president…but sometimes you need to vote against the president. Sometimes you have to defend the Senate and the House and their Constitutional responsibilities compared the those of the executive branch. That is the stated purpose of the resolution. That is the Constitutional law behind it…and voting for the resolution would have been the right thing to do given the senator’s oath of office.

Johnson¬†said Thursday’s vote “will not fix any problem, but it does demonstrate whether a senator supports or opposes border security. I will always choose to support border and homeland security.”

Always support homeland security over the Constitution? Without the rights and powers and responsibilities defined and assigned in the Constitution…what is there to defend?

But the senator goes on to cast blame on the Democrats for the lack of support for the wall and the lack of support of the president’s border policy.

“Unfortunately, securing America’s border has turned into a political brawl, with Democrats…now refusing to supply the funding for necessary barriers because they don’t like this president,”

Let me again remind the good senator that he and the Republican party held the majority in both houses of Congress over the past two years as well as the White House…yet they never saw fit to fund the wall. THEY never funded the wall when they had the power to do so. They know it’s a waste of time and money.

“We have a growing humanitarian crisis at our border that has seen more families and unaccompanied children enter our country in the last five months than at any other time on record. That certainly qualifies as an emergency.”

Yes it is a humanitarian crisis…one that requires humanitarian relief…not a wall. A crisis of our own making.

Senator Johnson is on the wrong side of history here…he failed to defend the US Constitution…he failed to keep his oath of office…and he ceded another legislative power to the imperial presidency.


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6 thoughts on “Ron Johnson Refused To Defend the Constitution.

  1. I support Senator Ron Johnson in his move to support the president in attempts to gain the funding for building border security in the form of walls, fences, or whatever. I also support the use of military funding to build them.

    My grandfather served in WWI, riding horse patrols, keeping our nation sovereign, in keeping invaders out. It was considered a necessary form of military spending then; I see it as being a necessary form of military spending now, I am thankful that President Trump is working diligently, to keep it that way.

    From things I have read of historic accounts, Patton, Pershing, and Teddy Roosevelt spent some time down that way, in observing the troops.

    I find the need for the wall to be much more necessary these days, than in the days my grandfather provided military service patrolling the southern border, to keep potential threats out. At that time, the two big considerations were raids by Poncho Villa and his cohorts in crime, and invasion by the Germans.

    These days, we are inundated with the invaders, drugs, and criminals and murderers, acting so much like isis terrorists, in hiding as cowards, along with using and abusing the women and children

    Liberals like to speak of Trump’s attempts as being immoral, but I would like them to show us how letting in – these crooked, criminal, and corrupt culprits, whatever their numbers, is ever to be considered as being moral.

    1. I understand your position. And I am not interested in arguing over the validity and usefulness of a wall. That isn’t the real issue here.

      So here is the deal on this particular current situation. The Constitution gives Congress the power of the budget. They get to determine how much to spend and WHERE to spend it. The president’s job is to then follow through on running the government and spending the money as it has been allocated. Congress over the first two years of the president’s administration did NOT provide the funds he requested for the wall. The president’s party was the majority party…there was nothing to stop them. They didn’t fund a wall. If they had thought the president is correct they would have funded the wall and we wouldn’t be having this conversation today. In the recent budget confrontation, Congress provided some funds for the border…some for a wall…some for improved infrastructure at the ports of entry. Again Congress controls the budget and apparently the president hasn’t sold them on his plans for a wall. But to allow the president to declare an emergency with the intention of subverting the Congressional budget is unconstitutional and gives power to the president that he isn’t allowed to have.

      If Senator Johnson wants to support building a wall…so be it…I wouldn’t be happy about it…but that would be his vote. But he didn’t push that through the past two years…he just didn’t. So the question to the senator is why he didn’t support the wall when the GOP had the majority. But more importantly, is why is he willing to hand his power as a senator to the White House?

  2. Johnson backs Trump because he benefited in 2016 from the same Russia-NRA laundromat. Know that, and know that RoJo (like most WisGOP’S) needs the support of racist trash, and that explains it all.

  3. There were quite a number of issues that obama did not attend to, even though his party was in power during initial years of his residency. obama resorted to rule with phone and pen, for about every situation he faced.
    As for presidential declaration of national emergency, Congress enacted those measures, I believe it was said in 1979, and that action has been used about 56 times since.
    I believe President Trump to be responding to the real, and present, danger, in keeping Americans, and America, safe.
    I believe that democrats are just (still) so bitter about their lust bucket, hillary, being her continuing, common, failure. They do not want President Trump to have victories, and prove so many of the liberal, socialist, communist, hopefuls, to appear as frauds.
    I believe the fake national emergencies, like the concept of climate change, for instance, are only fear factors developed to manipulate folks to fund power, profit, and notoriety to the leftist tyrants, and not for the good of the common people of the nation.

  4. I do like how your blog system is set up, Ed, but I do not ever say things to win popularity contests. I make statements of things I believe will help Americans. As for Jake’s comments, I would say it is pretty easy to label someone as being a racist, especially when they support President Trump, wear MAGA hats, or write Trumpisms on their hands. Just think of the criminals: smollett and the cowardly New Zealand terrorists; the fake folks among us. I do believe that obama is the greatest reason that race relations have deteriorated so extremely in our recent past, to what I seem to be equivalent to about fifty years ago. I believe that this will end my comments on these subjects. Thanks for letting my opinions be known. I don’t ever want to be among the ranks of clone-dumb, nor of being a conformist for the sake of being characterized as “politically correct”

    1. Donald, I am not sure how long you have been following BB but I inherited the current layout when I took over as publisher in February 2017. It is pretty clean and without clutter but I agree it needs to be refreshed. I just haven’t taken the time to dig into that, particularly after spending a good portion of last year researching new host services when our incumbent host decided to retire! I am working on a new version of the masthead though. If you have suggestions, you can send them to me via the Contact Blogging Blue tab above.

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