When Will We Stop Allowing Prayer In Government Meetings?

Legislatures and governmental bodies at all levels of government have traditionally had any number of clergy or elected member open meetings with prayer. It’s been unconstitutional since the passage of the Bill of Rights…and it is unconstitutional today. It is really time that we weaned ourselves from this ‘tradition’.

I have felt this way for quite some time…but this video is so egregious that I had to write this today. This ‘christian’ (non-capital intention in this case) ranted and rambled through this ‘prayer’ the same day that the first Muslim woman was sworn into the Pennsylvania assembly.

Notice at the end, somebody gave the speaker a high sign and he cut the representative short…


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2 thoughts on “When Will We Stop Allowing Prayer In Government Meetings?

  1. Answer: Never. The sheer amount of followers in america is too large and their grip on power too great. You can’t even get these superstitious weirdos to step outside of their comfort zone. Most of these people can’t even contemplate for one second that their sky wizard is fake, their holy books are full of lies and their religious leaders are frauds. No need to wonder why we’re at where we are at now. Fantasies, to appease their own biases.

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