Whither Milwaukee County: A Fair Deal

From our email in box today…a missive from Milwaukee County Board Chairman, Theodore Lipscomb:

You are invited to attend a town hall meeting to learn more about the solutions we are proposing to avoid a funding crisis in Milwaukee County.

For too long, Milwaukee County has been forced to delay necessary maintenance in our parks and facilities, and put off important investments in public infrastructure and popular cultural venues.

In recent years, budget cuts have threatened public services that our neighbors depend on every day.

Milwaukee County’s ability to generate revenue is limited, but our expenses continue to increase. This leads to a budget gap that must be closed each year, as well as an inability to invest in the future.

This is why I have joined together with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to propose a Fair Deal for Milwaukee County. The Fair Deal proposal would create a new partnership with the State of Wisconsin, to protect public services and invest in our future. 

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, and the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (which is made up of every executive from Milwaukee County’s 19 local governments) have unanimously endorsed the Fair Deal proposal.

At the town hall, I will be joined by your representative to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, Jason Haas. State legislators from your area will also be invited to attend.

I hope to see you at this important town hall meeting. Click here to share your RSVP or invite friends on Facebook.


Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., Chairman
Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors


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