Did Trump Trade the Golan Heights for Saudi Nuclear Power?

Am I creating a new conspiracy theory or did these two events occur too amazingly concurrently to be mere coincidence?

News popped (and disappeared incredibly fast) that the Trump regime was working to enable Saudi Arabia to build a number of nuclear reactors. And along with the reactors, the ability to enrich their own uranium rather than buying it from a third party country (usually France or Russia). That would technically allow them to enrich uranium to weapons grade if they chose. That may end up being a story of its own later this week.

And at nearly the same time, Trump upended 50 years of American foreign policy by tweeting (again…why don’t we have policy on use of social media in government?) that he was prepared to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights…an occupied territory that Israel captured in the 1967 war.

Is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so desperate in his bid to win re-election and exhibit friendship with President Trump that he would be willing to accept a nuclear Saudi Arabia? I don’t trust Saudia Arabia any farther than Iran!

So, did Trump trade Israel sovereignty in the Golan Heights for the rights to establish nuclear reactors (and maybe more) in Saudi Arabia?


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