I Am The Most Transparent President In History

LOL! Where are your tax returns? Where is the full Mueller report? You are transparent…but not of your own volition!

President Trump: “In the history of our country, there has never been a president that’s been more transparent than me or the Trump administration.”

Just check out the first few minutes for the video for the complete laundry list.


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1 thought on “I Am The Most Transparent President In History

  1. “You are transparentā€¦but not of your own volition!”

    Good one! Same could be said of Scott (the little weasel) Walker, Paul (lil’ Eddie) Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ron (El Rojo) Johnson and many others of their ilk. In fact, few even pretend to be legitimate anymore. One is forced to wonder if it’s just complacency or possibly a bold new tack.

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