I Thought Trump Had Fixed This:

President Donald Trump visited Green Bay Wisconsin last night and held one of his rallies as part of the 2020 Presidential Campaign. After railing on about how Harley-Davidson is being treated unfairly in the world market…he proceeded on about NAFTA.

Both (Senator Bernie) Sanders and Trump are expected to run against the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, which decimated manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin.

“You look around the Wisconsin you still the scars,” Trump said Saturday. “I want to make it almost impossible to leave Wisconsin and go to Mexico.

Why are we re-running the last presidential campaign? Didn’t President Trump solve this issue when he signed the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement? I mean that was the whole point of renegotiating NAFTA, right? He fixed it! If he didn’t, he apparently isn’t the great negotiator he has claimed to be. And maybe he shouldn’t be president?

BTW: USMCA has yet to be ratified by Congress…but what’s the hurry?


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