6 thoughts on “Looks Like A Recount for the Supreme Court Race

  1. Ed, I think a recount is unlikely. Wisconsin’s last recount (the Hillary/Stein one) cost $3.5 million. Because the margin of Justice Hagedorn’s victory was above 0.25%, the Neubauer campaign would have to pay for this recount. That’s a lot of money to blow in a forlorn effort.

  2. I was working off of the published news reports…the latest confirms your comment that a recount is unlikely. As I said, recounts seldom change the final outcome even if they do move a few votes.

    1. I agree with you on the efficacy of recounts, but I’d like to amend my unlikely statement. I still believe that a real, sincere recount is unlikely. All bets are off on a recall effort aimed to fleece the foolish.

  3. I heard a rumor that Hagedorn’s “victory,” after his opponent led the race until late in the contest, was cinched by some “found” votes in (guess where?) Waukesha County. Seems like a bit of deja vu at work, eh?

    1. And magically huge turnout in GOP-controlled counties. Combine that with Walker and other GOPs screeching “CONCEDE!” to Neubauer, and I think she should absolutely exercise her right to make sure the numbers and votes are legit.

      After the NC9 vote-harvesting scandal, would you be stunned if WISGOP pulled the same thing this week? I wouldn’t be.

      1. Yep, classic example. I think the Republican Machine is becoming bolder and more innovative, across the nation, in their ongoing, systematic theft of ideologically-critical elections. Would that the Republican-owned and controlled mainstream media would sit up and take notice. I’m not holding my breath.

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