NO! Because Too Much Money Would Go To Milwaukee

After recent announcements out of Milwaukee County government and the Mayor of Milwaukee’s office complaining that Milwaukee sends more money to Madison than is sent back…we get this:

Republican legislative leaders are raising concerns about a plan in Democratic Gov. Tony Evers budget that calls for borrowing $40 million to replace lead pipes around the state — in part because they fear too much of the money would go to Milwaukee.

When children are being quite literally poisoned and we are all aware of the prevalence of lead pipes in older parts of the city…and there hasn’t been the local or municipal resources to remediate the situation…the governor of the state of Wisconsin puts forward a logical responsible state response for the problem (and probably just a start…not enough…yet)…the response of the GOP ‘leadership’ is NO because too much money would go to Milwaukee?

Have any of you nitwits noticed that Milwaukee is the LARGEST city in the state and has some of the oldest infrastructure…and as a result the biggest need? This response is totally incomprehensible! Totally!!

… people from Marinette funding lead replacements in Milwaukee. I’m not sure that that’s necessarily fair from a taxpayer standpoint.

Gentlemen…and I use that word because most all of the GOP is male…what about all of the state projects funded by Milwaukee taxpayers? Hmmmm?

Vos (Assembly Speaker Robin Vos) said the cost of replacing tens of thousands of lead service lines throughout Wisconsin would be too expensive…

Which is exactly why the state needs to get involved. They have the resources or the ability to raise the resources. The GOP took the option of raising local property taxes away from municipalities for big remediation projects like this years ago. And we aren’t talking about changing pipes IN homes…we are talking about the laterals that run from the water main to the home…something that the municipalities did themselves or authorized low those many years ago. Government at all levels in Wisconsin need to be involved but the state government should be taking the lead in funding and direction.

One of the primary directives of state government is providing a clean and safe environment…for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And nothing is more fundamental than clean drinking water. Get on the stick…and let’s get the lead out!

The way they are talking in Madison, I am wondering if they all live in homes with lead pipes.


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