No Time For Games, We Really Need to Step Up Education Spending!

Today’s headline: Robots put Wisconsin jobs at risk. So if this isn’t a call to action on additional spending on education and demands for better outcomes…not much else is.

A potent new wave of automation technologies is widely forecast to eliminate millions of American jobs in the coming years, and Wisconsin is among the most vulnerable states.

Assembly lines will be ground zero but a host of other occupations and industries — from delivery truck drivers to bankers and hospital workers to fast-food staff — also are at risk. In the latest leg of industrial revolution, jobs won’t go to lower-cost immigrants or foreign rivals, even if that’s where the nation’s political debate often gravitates.

“States in the Midwest, Great Plains, and South are most exposed to automation, while ones in the Northeast, West Coast, and Southwest face comparatively less risk,” according to research published this year by the Brookings Institution, a nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based policy group.

uh huh..uh huh…yup…oh shit, wait: Midwest? Shoot that’s us!

Of the 50 states, Wisconsin is 10th most exposed. Nearly half of all occupational tasks performed by humans in the state (47.5 percent) can be replaced by computer-driven technologies that already exist, according to Brookings’ estimates.

Wisconsin finds itself in a cluster of states with a high percentage of at-risk occupations. Indiana is the nation’s most vulnerable with 48.7 percent of human employment tasks at risk. Iowa (48.0 percent) and Mississippi (47.7 percent) have similar rankings.

emphasis mine

So…when the GOP is debating the People’s budget put forward by Governor Evers…and trying to remove resources from the education portion…no matter what level of education we are talking about…keep this information in mind. The repetitive jobs that have been the backbone of Wisconsin’s success (and Milwaukee’s as well), just aren’t going to be available in the foreseeable future. Now is the time to reverse the starving out of the education budget that we saw during the Walker administration…a position that will still be supported by Assembly Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald.

Think it ain’t that bad? They Got: CHEESE MAKING ROBOTS!


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