While We Mourn Notre Dame Let’s Heal Our Churches At Home!

The fire at Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral is a tragic loss for arts, culture, history and of course the Catholics in Paris and around the world. But it is already getting ample support in the way of resources to be repaired/rebuilt in the future. In the meantime, the three historically black churches that were torched in Louisiana could use our help:

A crowdfunding campaign to help repair a group of historically black churches in Louisiana affected by a string of fires has raised more than $500,000 within a week. 

The campaign, which was launched on GoFundMe by the Seventh District Baptist Association, a nonprofit religious organization, has raised funds from more than 10,000 donors and took off on Tuesday as several prominent figures promoted the cause on social media.

The Seventh District Baptist Association, which includes the churches impacted by the recent fires, said on the campaign’s website that it was working with the Louisiana governor, elected officials, the impacted churches and their pastors, other faith organizations and the community “to ensure 100% of all funds raised will be evenly distributed to the three churches affected.”

In case you missed the GoFundMe link in the quote above: HERE IT IS!


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