Big government Wisconsin Republicans continue GOP war on women

I’ve always been fascinated by Republican claims to support less government intrusion into the lives of citizens…..except when it comes to issues like same-sex relationships and women’s rights.

Here in Wisconsin we’re seeing that first-hand as Republicans in the Legislature have passed a series of bills aimed at allowing government to intrude into the lives of women when it comes to their right to make decisions regarding their own bodies and reproductive health.

Republicans on Wednesday also passed a separate bill that would eliminate the last bit of public funding available to Planned Parenthood, an abortion provider that also provides contraceptives and health care for women.


The measure, Assembly Bill 179, would require doctors and nurses present during a failed abortion attempt to provide hospital care to the child. Intentionally causing the child’s death could result in life in prison.


Another measure, Assembly Bill 180, would require doctors to inform women that they could continue their pregnancy if they act quickly after taking the first dose of a two-drug regimen that causes abortion. That bill would also require the state to make public the names of hospitals and clinics where abortions had been provided.


Another measure Republicans passed Wednesday, Assembly Bill 182, would ban women from seeking an abortion because of the race, sex or disability of a fetus, as long as the disability is considered compatible with life.

It’s clear Republicans in Wisconsin are hell-bent on continuing the larger Republican war on women, but I can’t help but wonder at what point Wisconsin voters will push back against the attempts by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to turn Wisconsin into the Alabama of the midwest.


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2 thoughts on “Big government Wisconsin Republicans continue GOP war on women

  1. “…as long as the disability is considered compatible with life.”

    but damned if they’ll fund sufficient support for disabled children and adults.

    1. Precisely Ed. For many Republicans “pro life” doesn’t mean they care about the lives of those already born; they simply want to score cheap political points.

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