Chris Abele running for reelection….meh

Consider me underwhelmed…

After an expensive 2016 re-election fight, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is launching his campaign for a third full four-year term and, at least so far, is heading into 2020 unopposed.

He kicked off his campaign Tuesday at Gee’s Clippers on King Drive.

“Everybody who lives in this community knows we are never going to be the community we can be until everybody — every human being — has the same access to opportunity, health care and the same rights and protections that everybody has,” Abele said at the announcement. “That’s true of this country, it’s gotta be true for the county, and that is why I’m running.”

While Chris Abele may in fact be liberal on some social issues, he’s shown time and time again that when it comes to issues like labor unions and respecting workers he’s not much better than most Republicans.

Unfortunately because Chris Abele can pour millions of his own dollars into his campaign (he self-funded to the tune of $4 million in his last race) it’s unlikely he’ll have a strong opponent, which means Milwaukee County will be stuck with four more years of milquetoast Chris Abele.


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