Harris/Buttigieg or Warren/Buttigieg

I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the complete Democratic debates yet. I am waiting for one of the upcoming rain days to hunker down and try to assimilate them.

But from the excerpts and pundit videos and media digests it sounds like two solid possible tickets would be Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Senator Elizabeth Warren and the mayor.

Either way I think the president will have a tough time with either of these smart and determined women. They aren’t cut from the same mold as Hillary Clinton. Someone on social media suggested we look for a strong debater to take on Trump…I am thinking if the Dems nominate either of these women…the president doesn’t agree to any debates.

My pick of Mayor Buttigieg for vice-president is wrapped around his youth and inexperience on the national stage. Which makes him perfect for VP. He can use the position to grow and get known. I wouldn’t think any of the other front runners would care to assume the VP role…their current positions are more valuable and interesting jobs politically and personally.

If Mayor Pete doesn’t make the ticket and the Democrats retake the White House, I’d suggest his role should be Secretary of State. I think he’d be awesome in that role. Language skills, military experience, unflappable, diplomatic demeanor, and obviously a serious thinker and quick learner.

So…that’s where I’m at for the moment.


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