More Madison GOP Hypocrisy Around Healthcare

We are all aware that the US is having a record measles outbreak this year. Officially, Wisconsin has been spared but there are tens of thousands of un-vaccinated residents in the state. So of course there has been a push to get people vaccinated. Some politicians are pushing to remove the religious and personal exemptions from vaccinations that are currently part of state law.

But it ain’t gonna happen, cause:

Rep. Chuck Wichgers, R-Muskego, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he won’t schedule a public hearing on the bill to avoid putting new rules on parents’ medical decisions for their children. 

Wichgers, who leads the committee where the bill is assigned, said he “supports a parent’s right to decide when and how their children should receive treatment.”

The decision to stall the bill comes after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, also said that while he supports vaccinations, he doesn’t support mandating them. 

Nope, don’t want to tell parents how to promote healthy children and a safer society. But they have no problem telling women what medical decisions to make and trying to control women’s bodies. Particularly if they can do it via stupid supposed pro-life/anti-abortion laws:

Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate passed abortion legislation Wednesday that Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has promised to veto.

The four bills are headed for a dead end just as GOP lawmakers enter the final stages of writing a state budget that dramatically differs from Evers’ spending plans.

One measure would send doctors to prison for life if they did not provide medical care to babies who were born after attempted abortions.

The others would ban women from seeking abortions because of the sex or disability of a fetus; cut off the last bit of government funding abortion provider Planned Parenthood gets for non-abortion services; and require doctors to tell women they could continue a pregnancy if they act quickly after taking the first dose of a two-drug regimen that causes abortion. 

The bills passed mostly on party lines.

And yes, Governor Evers vetoed the four bills.

But it is interesting what the GOP legislature construes as intrusive and what they are comfortable enforcing. Yikes.


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