Robin Vos’ Hypocrisy On State Lawsuits

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court upheld most of the laws passed by the GOP majority during their now infamous lame duck session that followed the November 2018 state wide elections. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has this to say following the announcement:

“This lawsuit, pursued by special interests and Governor Evers, has led to an unnecessary waste of taxpayer resources. We urge the governor to work with the Legislature instead of pursuing his political agenda through the courts.”

Yeah, right. Keep in mind that this is the same Assembly Speaker Vos who’s lame duck laws allow the legislature to bypass the Attorney General and hire their own attorneys and bring their own lawsuits when they deem it fit…at taxpayers expense. I find it hard to see the difference…well except the anti-Evers part.


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1 thought on “Robin Vos’ Hypocrisy On State Lawsuits

  1. Hypocrit Vos also makes no mention of the $25 million taxpayer cost (damages and legal expenses) resulting from lawsuits concerning inhumane treatment of juveniles at Wisconsin detention centers during the Walker/Voss/Fitsgerald dictatorship.

    Wisconsin also had to pay the state of Iowa for maltreatment of juveniles from Iowa incarerated in Wisconsin.

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