Insane Trump Polling…Keeping The Base Engaged

The link to this poll appeared in my email inbox yesterday. I was going to take it until the questions got too perverse and then the request for personal information intruded. Just the fact that I linked to it I am sure triggered something on their end…but what the heck.

But I thought I’d share it with our readers:

So far so good…and not too unexpected…and the requisite finger pointing of course

Ok, now we are starting to get a little bit far a field….aliens of any kind can not vote in US elections…never have…never will. 70% tax rate? wtf??

Scare tactics galore…btw: do any of you have the platform of the Democratic-Socialist Party? I rather doubt the president does…or would even read it.

Yeah, we pretty much know that #9 is a fantasy…and #10 is as well. I would like to see the comments for the other category under #11…wouldn’t you?

and last but not least, where can we come to retrieve the tatters of your soul?

And for those of you following along with my recent concerns about the president’s (and all other government officials) use of social media…this one little bit at the top troubles me:

A campaign site shouldn’t be allowed to advertise itself as the “Certified Website of President Donald J. Trump”…such tags should be limited to his official sites used in his capacity as President of the United States. Campaign sites should be campaign sites.


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