Media Keeps Bringing Trump Elephant Into The Room

Like a number of other members of his cohort, 2020 Demcratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I- VT) visited Milwaukee last week…for the LULAC convention and other campaign appearances. Of course this garnered a major story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as it should.

But right in the middle of the story, writer Bill Glauber dropped this single unwarranted line:

Trump has tagged Sanders as “Crazy Bernie.”

Now admittedly Sen. Sanders had a few less than kind words for President Trump in his speeches…which is hardly unexpected…but this drop in line was totally unnecessary. Totally unnecessary…and it didn’t add to this story.

It’s going to be a long campaign season leading into November 2020. And adding Trump illogical quotes into every campaign story just adds to the Trump narrative…and creates a less than neutral news article. And the president can already suck the air out of a room without the help of the mass media.

I am thinking that MJS isn’t a Sanders fan…the photo in the print edition is a one inch close up head shot…nothing offensive…the one in the linked online article…not so flattering. WTF?


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1 thought on “Media Keeps Bringing Trump Elephant Into The Room

  1. I’ve been saying for more than two years now that the media would be doing the nation a favor by not reporting every tizzy and tantrum the blustering fool throws. Seems to me, the way to handle an unruly child (make no mistake – a child he is) is to isolate the brat until he/she realizes nobody is paying any attention. It doesn’t take long for even a child to realize it’s necessary to become civil if one want’s to he heard.

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