Senator Kapenga Adopts GOP Victimhood Cosplay

Oh for crying out loud…

In order to pass the GOP Wisconsin biennial budget in the state senate, they added a bit about allowing Tesla to sell cars in Wisconsin directly to consumers. Currently new cars can only be sold through dealers. This provision was aimed directly at Sen. Chris Kapenga (R – Delafield) who has been a Tesla proponent for some time.

But Sen. Kapenga wasn’t happy about the media coverage of this gift and got out the GOP victimhood playbook ala WI Supreme Courter Brian Hagedorn or SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh and got all weepy and defensive. I don’t imagine he’ll enjoy this post either but here goes:

“They called into question my integrity based on half-truths that were spun together most likely by those who oppose allowing Tesla to sell in this state,” Kapenga said at a news conference. 

He choked back tears during the Wednesday news conference, arguing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story on his ties to Tesla impugned his character. 

“Just remember as reporters what you say not only impacts the senator it impacts me as a dad … what you say in the press does impact people’s lives,” he said. 

Sticks and Stones comes to mind…but let me suggest that the senator’s actions or inactions have far more impact on people’s lives that anything printed in the paper. And he’s had some pretty negative impacts on Wisconsin during the Walker era.

But all in all…despite their recent moaning about non-budget items being proposed in budget bills…here they are sticking a non-budget item in a budget bill. go figure!


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