Trump Disavows Disavowal of “Send Her Home” Chant

Well I guess this was inevitable…the “Send Her Home” chant must be doing really well in the Trump/Pence 2020 internal polling…because the president reversed his position.

President Donald Trump has reversed his previous criticisms of a North Carolina campaign crowd that chanted “send her back” about a Somali-born congresswoman.

Trump on Friday defended the rally-goers as “patriots” while again questioning the loyalty of four Democratic lawmakers of color.

When reporters at the White House asked if he was unhappy with the Wednesday night crowd, Trump responded: “Those are incredible people. They are incredible patriots.

The moment took an ugly turn at the rally when the crowd’s “send her back” shouts resounded for 13 seconds as Trump made no attempt to interrupt them. He paused in his speech and surveyed the scene, taking in the uproar, though the next day he claimed he did not approve of the chant and tried to stop it.

But on Friday, he made clear he was not disavowing the chant and again laced into Omar, the target of the chant.

“You can’t talk that way about our country. Not when I’m president,” Trump said. “These women have said horrible things about our country and the people of our country.”

Other than the obvious racism involved in these events…and the president’s intense need to play to his adoring base…let me remind the president that he himself said some pretty horrible things about our country during his inaugural speech back in January 2017.

btw: The president does know that none of these women are running against him in 2020, right?

When will the other elected GOP officials finally have had enough? Will the rest of the country step up in November 2020 to send this guy packing?


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