Wisconsin, Trump, And Manufacturing!

There was a fair amount of newsworthy commentary about the economy and Wisconsin buried in the last half of an article announcing President Trump’s impending visit to Milwaukee. But I just want to bring this statement up for the moment:

A central theme of Trump’s successful campaign in Wisconsin was restoring manufacturing jobs in an industry that has been decimated.

There is some irony here…because in the same edition of the print edition, the Business Page carried this headline: 145 jobs lost as Tramontina plant closes. Now a small business closing isn’t a big deal…businesses close all of the time…there are life cycles for them too.

But given the president’s trade wars and supposed support of manufacturing workers…this one matters…because:

Company officials said increasing costs of raw materials, labor and freight helped in the decision to close local plants, as well as expenses associated with higher tariffs assessed on components to make cookware, such as glass lids, chrome-plated handles, aluminum and steel. These increased costs made items less competitive in the housewares market.

emphasis mine

The company isn’t going out of business…just moving manufacturing off shore to Brazil…the exact opposite effect that the president’s tariffs were supposed to effect. Go figure.


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