Another day, another mass shooting perpetrated by a white extremist in Donald Trump’s America

For the second time in two days a white male extremist has engaged in an act of domestic terrorism. On Saturday a 21 year-old white gunman who had earlier posted a racist manifesto online killed 20 and wounded 26 others at a Wal-Mart in El Paso before being taken into custody and earlier today news broke that 24 year-old Connor Betts killed nine people and injured at least two dozen others.

A lone gunman in body armor opened fire early Sunday in a “very safe” entertainment district, killing at least nine people and igniting chaos in the crowded outdoor area before he was fatally shot by police seconds later, authorities said.

Police identified the shooter as Connor Betts, 24, of nearby Bellbrook. The names of those killed also were released and included Betts’ 22-year-old sister, Megan. More than two dozen people were wounded or injured.

Notably the act of domestic terrorism in Dayton, Ohio is the 250th mass shooting in the United States this year, and I know I’m not alone in recognizing that our nation has become far less safe from these acts of domestic terrorism with Donald Trump as president.


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