But if we take away guns…they’ll just use knives

How many times have we heard this from gun apologists? If we take away everyone’s guns…the mass murderers will just use knives instead.

Well, if you can’t see the lack of sense in such a statement, I can’t help you. It takes just moments to kill dozens of people with a AR-15 or other semi-automatic military style weapon. It takes a great deal of effort to kill with a knife and you actually have to come in contact with your intended victim. So don’t bring me this false equivalency…


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2 thoughts on “But if we take away guns…they’ll just use knives

  1. Yeah, it’s a poor argument to make and hardly intellectually honest. Anyone conflating a knife with high velocity accurate rounds fired from a rifle is denying ballistic science.

  2. Clearly it’s a weak point, but not false. Ask those grieving the four dead in California if there’s a difference.

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