Mumps? Now Mumps Is A Problem In US Detention Centers?

I mean…what the flock? We aren’t doing any testing for communicable diseases? We aren’t providing even the basic health screenings for those we have in custody?

Mumps has swept through 57 immigration detention facilities in 19 states since September, according to the first U.S. government report on the outbreaks in the overloaded immigration system.

The virus sickened 898 adult migrants and 33 detention center staffers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in its report Thursday.

New cases continue as migrants are taken into custody or transferred between facilities, the report said. As of last week, outbreaks were happening in 15 facilities in seven states.

I understand that mumps could be an issue among migrants. They obviously are coming from countries who don’t have the same standards for vaccinations that we have in the US. But our inability to limit the spread of the disease is simply criminal. We know how to identify mumps. We know how to quarantine sick individuals. We should know better than to transfer people exhibiting signs of an illness from one detention center to another? What the flock…have we become a third world country?

But the news just gets better:

The CDC report said more than 80% of patients were exposed while in custody.

emphasis mine

Is this the Trump regime version of small pox blankets? (yes I know that that’s a myth)

But this news just gets better and I repeat:

The virus sickened 898 adult migrants and 33 detention center staffers

emphasis mine

We don’t employ people who have been immunized against communicable diseases in centers that will house thousands of poor immigrants from poor countries? Cripes, that’s just a disaster waiting to happen…and a chance to spread mumps further to the general public. Anti-vaxxers be damned.

“This has all the makings of a public health crisis,” Free ( Nashville immigration attorney R. Andrew Free ) said. “ICE has demonstrated itself incapable of ensuring the health and safety of people inside these facilities.”

and as a result they are incapable of ensuring the health and safety of the rest of us…

these are lawsuits just waiting to happen.


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