They Weren’t Rapists, Or Drug Dealers, Or Human Traffickers

yet Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounded up 680 people who might be illegal immigrants…at their places of work. at their places of work.

So instead of rapists or gang members or drug dealers or human traffickers…ICE rounded up hard working individuals who had jobs and have families and were trying to pursue the American dream.

Think they were taking jobs from Americans? Since they were working in chicken slaughter and processing plants…probably not. They may have been exploited because their employers knew that they were here without documentation.

I didn’t notice any of the plant managers or owners being led away in plastic handcuffs, did you? No, me neither.

I rather doubt that all of them had active deportation orders…that would be a huge coincidence in my mind…so why weren’t they arrested…charged…and released awaiting trial? They had jobs…they have families…they probably aren’t a flight risk.

And what arrangements have we made to take care of their children? You know…the ones who are suffering trauma because their parent(s) have been taken away…the ones who are very likely American citizens? Apparently we aren’t satisfied with abusing migrant children at the border…now we need to abuse American citizens of color as well.

And no more saying…this isn’t what America is about…this isn’t who we are…well in fact, this is exactly who we are…unless we have regime change.

In the meantime, will we find Americans to replace them at the plants? How about those unpaid coal miners?

Next month, when you are thinking about including chicken on the grill for Labor Day…don’t be surprised if it’s more expensive.

added editors note (8/8/19): why the poultry industry is heavily Hispanic.


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