Trump Wants To Prevent Shootings…but has no plan!

Of course NPR was talking to everybody this morning about the apparent (illusory in my opinion) change in direction around gun control in Washington; with comments from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others.

One of the interviews was with a spokesman from the White House…I can’t find his name on the NPR site…and from the White House site, not sure who it was.

But he was adamant that President Trump wanted meaningful legislation from Congress and the White House that would prevent any and all future tragedies like El Paso or Dayton.

When pressed for what the president intended or what he would sign…he just kept stating that he didn’t want to get ahead of the president’s position. Three different times!

So in other words, the president has no plan and/or hasn’t received any direction from the NRA.


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