Who Wants Those Chicken Jobs?

Well apparently not too many Americans. Last week if you’ll recall the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency rounded up 680 suspected illegal immigrants from four chicken processing plants in Mississippi.

One of the plants was Koch Foods and they held a job fair. Not sure how many employees they lost in the raids but 150 would seem a fair estimate if they employed @ a quarter of those arrested. But here’s how their job fair went:

About 25 to 30 people showed up to apply for jobs at Koch Foods’ nearby poultry processing plant. Of those, about an equal number were black, white or Latino.

“This is what you’d normally see here,” said Dianne Bell, communications director for the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, of the job fair held between 9 and 11 a.m.

The company, one of four whose plants in small Mississippi towns were targeted by federal immigration officials on Wednesday, contacted the state employment agency the same day to request its help in hiring workers.

The raids detained 680 mostly Latino workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in at least a decade. Of those, about 300 were given future court dates and released, but they can’t return to work.

emphasis mine

So it doesn’t look like the immigrants working at Koch Foods were taking a lot of jobs from ‘ Americans’…and I guess I wonder why those released and waiting for court dates weren’t allowed to return to work. They aren’t dangerous criminals…they obviously aren’t a flight risk…and they are innocent until proven guilty…I mean right? And without a pay check how are they supposed to support their families in the meantime?

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