Fitzgerald Is Officially In The Race To Replace Sensenbrenner

The rumored entry into the Republican campaign to replace retiring 5th WI CD Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner by State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald became official today.

Scott Fitzgerald, a fixture of the Wisconsin state Senate for the last 25 years, announced Tuesday he would seek a higher office in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Fitzgerald, 55, is the first Republican to enter the race to succeed retiring Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and launches a bid to represent the deeply conservative district at a time when his ties to President Donald Trump may turn off some voters in the Milwaukee suburbs.

But Fitzgerald also seeks the seat with GOP bonafides his likely opponents lack after ushering in some of the most conservative state policies in recent decades — including all but eliminating collective bargaining abilities for most public employees. 

The senator should be right at home in Washington…because he also said:

Washington is a mess…

And as we all know from watching his antics in Madison, nobody is better at making a hot mess of government than Senate Majority Lead Scott Fitzgerald!


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  1. and this may be why Fitzgerald was touting the USMCA last week…trying to move another car forward on the ‘Trump Train’!

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