GOP : Attorney General Stand Off Continues

I probably should have added this to my previous post about the Lame Duck settlement impasse…it sort of belongs there…but it gets more interesting.

Yesterday, September 4th, the Wisconsin legislature’s Joint Finance Committee scheduled a closed door meeting to review how to handle legal settlements brought to them by the attorney general…under the lame duck law that they passed inserting themselves into the legal settlement process.

So that was yesterday’s news! Today’s news said:

Republican lawmakers abandoned plans to meet Wednesday over court settlements amid a fight with the Democratic attorney general over how to keep private information confidential.  

It was the latest sign that GOP lawmakers and Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul continue to struggle with how to handle settlements under lame-duck laws Republicans approved in December.

Republican leaders on Tuesday announced the Joint Finance Committee planned to take up the issue Wednesday. But about an hour before the meeting, Republican Rep. John Nygren of Marinette canceled the meeting because of the dispute with Kaul. 

Oh well, whatever, nevermind…hello, hello, hello, hello.


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