Jim Sensenbrenner Will Not Run For Reelection

Not sure that this means that his district can be flipped to blue…but it helps to have an open seat…oui? But after 40 years on Congress, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is retiring!

Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, the second longest-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives, will not run for a 22nd term, he said Wednesday.

“I think the time has come to basically turn over the page in the 5th District.” 

Sensenbrenner’s departure after 2020 is likely to draw huge interest from within a district packed with aspiring GOP politicians.

It also makes him the latest of several big-name Republicans to leave the Wisconsin stage: former House Speaker Paul Ryan (who retired after 2018), former Gov. Scott Walker (who was defeated in 2018) and current congressman Sean Duffy, who announced he would step down this month to focus on the health problems of the baby he and his wife are expecting.  

Who’s the strongest Democrat in the district? Suggestions??


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4 thoughts on “Jim Sensenbrenner Will Not Run For Reelection

  1. I don’t think we need to look any further for a candidate than Tom Palzewicz, who ran a great campaignin 2018, has tilled the soil, and has a great resumé.

  2. The important thing is to run someone against the Republican who wins the primary. This will increase the voter turnout for the national and local candidates. Can Palzewicz or any Dem win- doubtful. Sadly because of gerrymandering by the WI GOP it’s an easy win for any Republican. It doesn’t matter who that Republican is – people in that district don’t care – as long as there’s an R after his name. (Please correct me if I’m wrong ) Even the most inexperienced candidate like Matt Walker could win.

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