Saudi Arabia Doesn’t Need 200 American Troops

In the wake of the aerial attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields on September 14, 2019, President Trump has decided to deploy 200 American troops along with Patriot missiles and the THAAD missile defense system in the Saudi kingdom.

The rationale is the Saudi’s have these same systems that they have purchased from the US stationed along their southern border with Yemen. They are stationed there to protect Saudi Arabia from attacks by Houthi rebels from Yemen…a group that Saudi Arabia has been fighting since 2015 and suppressing even longer.

The US deployment will be along their northern border area nearer to Iran.

Now there is some confusion about the attack on the Saudi oil assets. The Houthi’s claim responsibility. The Iranians deny responsibility. The White House is blaming Iran.

So wouldn’t it make sense for the Saudi’s to move some of their military resources north if the real threat is Iran and not the Houthis? And why rely on the US and 200 troops? They should be able to defend themselves. And the Saudis apparently have plenty of military hardware…they are the third biggest spender in the world for weaponry and military spending…by a ton!

So who is the real threat? If it’s Iran…move your defense units. If it’s the Houthis, fess up and say it’s the Houthis. But lets not have the US deploy American troops for a fight that is not ours.

And the US already has troops in the region. There are at least 5,000 US military personnel in Iraq right now…and Iraq is a lot closer to Iran…and has a contiguous border. We don’t need more Americans in the region….none…zero…zip.

So if Saudi Arabia needs more Patriots…sell them some more…they’ve got the money! If they need some more training…train them somewhere NOT in Saudi Arabia. No more American troops in places we don’t belong!


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