Thursday Music Millennial Edition: Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A Changin’

NPR recently had a segment on American songs that had become ‘anthems’. I missed it but one of the songs that they included in their promotion was Bob Dylan’s 1964 tune: The Times They Are A Changin’. It was adopted by many people in the Civil Rights movement and the Anti-War movement during the 1960s. It indeed become an anthem during that era…and many of these people were Baby Boomers…and the people clogging up the halls were their parents and grandparents.

May I suggest that the young people today follow in their footsteps. At least those footsteps of the idealistic 1960s when the marches and protests help pass Civil Rights legislation and eventually helped end the war in Viet-nam. Adopt this anthem and point the finger(s) at me and the rest of the Baby Boomers in charge. But then get off that damn iPhone and get in the streets…stop letting Trump get away with this shit. Look to Hong Kong in their quest for freedom. It’s time to take the reins:


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