Why Won’t We Believe The Houthis?

Last Saturday a series of drone attacks severely damaged Saudi Arabian oil facilities. Reports say that these facilities provide 5% of the world’s oil. The Houthi rebels in Yemen who have been in open war with the Saudis since at least 2015 took immediate credit for the attacks. They even provided some detail in how it was carried out.

Yet the Trump regime insists that attacks were carried out by Iran. Iran denies it…the Houthis claim responsibility. So why can’t we believe the Houthis?

But Ed, the drones were Iranian manufacture. Yes they are…and all of the weapons being used by the Saudis in Yemen are of American manufacture…but we aren’t being held responsible for the Saudi’s actions.

And it’s been know since sometime in 2018 that Iran had supplied the Houthis with drones that have a range of 930 miles. Drones quite capable of reaching the damaged Saudi facilities. The growing sophistication of the Houthi drone and missile program is was even being discussed before the recent attack on Saudi Arabia: How vulnerable is Saudi Arabia to Houthi missile and drone attacks? And these weren’t the first drone attacks on Saudi infrastructure…this has been going on for sometime. So why can’t we believe the Houthis?

To my knowledge, the Saudis haven’t blamed Iran or stated that it wasn’t the Houthis. They haven’t publicly asked for our assistance…which suggests that this wasn’t Iran. So why can’t we believe the Houthis?

This morning it was reported that the White House was reviewing potential military strikes against Iran. To what end? Really?

Or is this Donald Trump’s version of the Gulf of Tonkin or Iraq’s WMDs? A subterfuge designed to allow him to attack Iran militarily? There won’t be a coalition of the willing this time…he’s going to find himself pretty much alone…even in Washington.


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