I mean what’s up with that?

But in the past few days Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald praised the value of the USMC trade agreement to Wisconsin farmers. Well it isn’t valuable yet…cause it hasn’t been ratified in Washington.

And then State Senate Tom Tiffany praised its advantages in his announcement as a candidate to replace Representative Sean Duffy (who is resigning to support his wife and unborn child who has health issues). Again, it ain’t helping anyone yet.

Tiffany — who backed U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas over Trump in the 2016 presidential primary — praised Trump’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico but otherwise declined to say what he thought of Trump’s trade policies.   

Briefly, what is the USMCA…well it’s the new free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada that replaces NAFTA…and it was signed by all three nations on November 30, 2018…nearly a year ago…and remains unratified.

So the two obvious questions:

Why hasn’t it been ratified in Washington? Apparently the president still supports it.

And why do Wisconsin Republicans suddenly find this a positive talking point when…well you know…it’s unratified? Or don’t they know that?

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