Grass Roots Fundraising My Ass!

Now I’ll admit that I’ve gotten fundraising requests from many of the presidential candidates for minimal amounts…even as low as $1.

But many of the local candidates for state, county, and city offices are starting to stretch for bigger and bigger dollars and specifying minimums. I think that sucks and it has stopped me from attending any number of fund raising events because I resent the price of admission. Here are a couple of examples:

Host: $2,800, Co-Host: $1,400, Sponsor: $700, Friend: $350, Guest: $100.
Suggested Minimum Contribution: $50.

$100 Minimum Contribution

Host: $500 Sponsor: $250 Friend: $100 Suggested Contribution: $50

But there is always the proviso that ” Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated”. But why do we need to even state that…just leave that last little level…the suggested minimum contribution off of the solicitations and invitations. I get the cute little names for various levels…but just let us plebes donate what we feel we can without feeling guilty that we haven’t made the minimum contribution. If you are gonna be grass roots be grass roots.

Hell, Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a $1 minimum in his last ActBlue request…now that is grass roots!


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