John Bolton to join the Deep State?

Rumors are circulating the John Bolton will testify before the House as part of the impeachment inquiry. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Bolton gets slammed as part of the Deep State (LOL)…or at least how the president and the rest of the GOP tries to distance themselves from him if he does step forward.

As the House inquiry enters its second month, there may be no one in Washington that investigators want to question more than Mr. Bolton. His name has come up repeatedly in testimony that has depicted him resisting Mr. Trump’s Ukraine pressure campaign and warning that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, was a “hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up.”

and then there’s this:

“Am I going to have to like Bolton now?” Bradley Moss, a national security lawyer frequently critical of the Trump administration, tweeted earlier this month. “This plot twist, where John Bolton turns out to be good, really strains the credibility of this entire season,” joked writer Ian Millhiser.

Oh this gets more interesting all of the time…


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