Twelve Angry Men or the GOP Storms the Bastille?

Well thirteen actually. Apparently thirteen of the thirty Republicans who stormed the Bastille, er, the closed door impeachment inquiry room actually had front row tickets…in other words…they were on the committees involved.

They could have just walked in at any time. But they decided to help break House protocol and rules…and the law…by forcing their way in and obstructing the proceedings for five hours.

3 of the 41 Republican lawmakers who were listed by Rep. Matt Gaetz as planning to storm a closed-door hearing Wednesday to protest an alleged lack of transparency in the impeachment inquiry sit on committees with the power to question witnesses and review documents.

The big picture: The inquiry is currently being led by the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees, which are comprised of 48 Republicans in total.

So they introduced some transparency into the proceedings…making it completely transparent that they are thugs and whores.

And a sub-note: ALL of the Republican miscreants were men.

Just sayin’. ALL of Washington is now one big reality show!


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