Why are the folks who voted against more war ‘blood lust’?

This headline was pulled from a reader comment that came in from our feedback function. Since they did not place it as a comment on the original post: And Who Are the 60 Blood Lust Representatives Who Voted Against the House Resolution on Syria?, I am going to respect their anonymity and not use their name. But I do want to answer their question.

There would not be a shooting war between the invading Turkish army and the Syrian Kurds inside Syria if the American troops were still there as a buffer. For once we were keeping the peace and Turks weren’t dying and Kurds weren’t dying and Syrians weren’t dying and there weren’t another two million refugees fleeing their homes to avoid a war.

Yes, I intentionally wrote an incendiary headline. But to me, any American (and particularly elected members of the House) who doesn’t find the president’s unilateral and chaos inducing troop withdrawal from Syria abhorrent has as much blood on their hands as the president.


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