Catching Up On the MKE County Executive Race II

This missive hit my email inbox while I was finishing up the previous post. But this one is from Milwaukee County Executive candidate, Senator Chris Larson.

At a time of incredible belittling and bullying by our nation’s top politician, we at the local level must do better.

That’s why on Monday, when I announced that I was running for Milwaukee County Executive, I pledged a clean campaign and encouraged every candidate who has announced and will announce to join me in promising to campaign focused on the issues, not personality differences.

emphasis in the original

In addition to promising a clean campaign, I also pledged not to accept any corporate PAC contributions and demanded that outside dark money stays out of this race. When special interests knock on the door of the courthouse, they do so because they have a profit motive – not the best interests of our neighbors. Let’s let the people decide who should be their next Milwaukee County Executive, not dark money or those skirting campaign finance laws.

Can I count on your support today to ensure we build our community up and not tear it down?
In Service,

Chris Larson   

So Clean Campaign Pledges are cool…do you think we will see other candidates following suit?


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