GOP Diversion: But the whistleblower…

Ironically, the GOP and particularly the president are interested in hearing from the whistleblower…but not really. Just like wanting the inquiry hearings needed to be more transparent…and when offered the opportunity to support opening them up…the voted against it. And the depositions from the closed sessions need to be open to the public…but as they roll out…they need to be squashed or derided or discredited. Again, whatever they said they wanted…they didn’t really want to see…because everything just keeps supporting the movement toward impeachment.

So as the pressure mounts and the facts start to add up and the president’s trangression is corroborated over and over and over again…the current deflection is hearing from the whistleblower.

Well except that they don’t really want to. The GOP got the perfect opportunity to question the whistleblower without the interference of those nasty Democrats…and then they declined. The reason? The questions would be submitted in writing…and answered in writing…albeit under oath and threat of perjury. But the GOP turned it down. They don’t actually want the answers…they know it looks bad…they just want a circus and to expose the whistleblower.

And at this point the deposing the whistleblower is a moot point. He did his job. The nation and the lawmakers are aware of the issue and are knee deep in investigating it.

One of the big slams on the whistleblower was his information was second hand. Well we have now had a half dozen witnesses, some who were actually on the call and many more who were in the know…corroborating the information in the whistleblower’s complaint.

We don’t need him anymore…we have first hand documentation. Multiple times. And it will all be released shortly. It is not going to get better for the president.

The only reason that the GOP thinks they can continue to get away with this is the common ignorance of the populous on how these things actually work…so they can continue to deflect and dismiss the facts while ignoring what they actually know to be true.


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