I Want A Trial

In another real life example of be careful what you wish for…President Donald Trump stated that if he were actually impeached he wants a trial.

Well…that in fact is exactly what happens…if the House brings articles of impeachment…there will be a trial…with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as judge and the members of the Senate as the jury. That’s in the Constitution. I would expect that the president knows this, but is betting that his base doesn’t. So it is a great sound bite…demanding a trial…plays to the base…plays to the current GOP dialogue that the president is being denied due process.

Going on one of his favorite news programs, President Donald Trump said Friday he is more than willing to undergo a trial if House Democrats vote to impeach him.

emphasis added

“I want a trial,” Trump said during a bombastic “Fox and Friends” interview in which he attacked the ongoing impeachment inquiry and claimed his political opponents have always been out to get him.

During a phone interview with Fox that lasted more than 50 minutes, Trump said “they should never ever impeach,” but indicated that House Democrats may do it after what he called an unfair process.

But tracking from there…the president goes outside the bounds of the how an impeachment trial works. He’s asking for testimony outside the scope. Here’s one time that the event is all about Donald Trump. It’s an impeachment of the president…not anyone else. You’d think he’d be enjoying the attention.

Trump said he would want to see trial testimony from Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has conducted five days of impeachment hearings, and the whistleblower whose complaint launched the investigation.

Guess what…Rep. Schiff and the whistleblower aren’t on trial here…


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