In Trump’s America, Lafayette County Tries to Interfere with Freedom of the Press!

Well after absolutely a ton of push back from all over the spectrum, Lafayette County pulled back a suggested ordinance that would prosecute journalists and the media if they didn’t publish county press releases about water pollution verbatim. And even though they’ve pulled back, they still want to claim what they want to do is legal…well just because a lawyer wrote it…doesn’t mean. Oh never mind, this is Trump’s America at the moment.

A county board in southeastern Wisconsin shelved plans Tuesday to prosecute journalists and discipline elected officials for how they handle information about the county’s water quality. 

In an at-times contentious meeting, the Lafayette County Board backed away from those ideas and put off for another day a decision on how to release information about private wells contaminated with fecal matter.

The proposal caught national attention as free speech advocates contended it violated the First Amendment right to freedom of the press.

I don’t know what their issue is…it’s all ‘fake news’ anyway! And just fecal matter.


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