Is Trump’s Ukrainian Policy Actually Working?

Despite the lack of co-operation from Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky in ‘investigating’ Hunter and Joe Biden…the former vice-president’s polling numbers continue to slip.

This is of course partly due to his last decade thinking, an over reliance on his connection to President Obama, his continued gaffs, and more recently his stand on marijuana.

But I am also thinking the repeated mention of his name with the impeachment inquiries isn’t helping either…and people are getting tired of the whole thing despite his real world non-involvement…and the very real sense of negative feelings resulting from the whole thing.

So in my gut, I think President Trump has successfully neutralized his major Democratic opponent despite his original plan blowing up in his face.


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1 thought on “Is Trump’s Ukrainian Policy Actually Working?

  1. In the time left, the Dem’s should be going after “obstruction of justice” by Trump. Make everyone aware of Trump’s ignoring subpoenas and failure to provide needed documentation. Make Trump testify!

    You can be sure the Trumpsters in the Senate will focus on Biden’s son and make that the overwhelming last word for the listening public.

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