Only In Trump’s America Would We Even Have To Consider This

Remember just last week, all of the heartfelt thanks to our military and veterans proclaimed around the nation by all levels of elected officials including our president.

But when one of them performs his patriotic duty…all bets are off:

The U.S. Army is taking security precautions to protect Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who listened in on the July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that sparked the impeachment investigation and will provide public testimony about it Tuesday. Should the Army determine that Vindman and his family are in danger after Tuesday’s hearing, they will be moved onto a military base in the greater Washington, D.C., area, officials told The Wall Street Journal.

Why would we even have to consider this? Even in the darkest days at the end of the Richard Nixon presidency…I don’t remember anyone suggesting that witnesses needed protection…much less a decorated war hero.

And of course, the president is one of the prime instigators of hatred and animosity toward Lt. Col. Vindman:

Since his appearance, Vindman background in the military and as a Ukrainian immigrant has received public scrutiny, including from the president himself. On Wednesday, he referred to Vindman on Twitter as a “Never Trumper witness” and accused him of being part of a “witch hunt.”

This is simply unfathomable…and even the Senate GOP should keep the president’s attack in mind…maybe censure is in order at this point while waiting for the impeachment proceedings to end.


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