Rudy Giuliani: Lock Him Up?

This morning NPR said that Rudy Giuliani’s name appeared over 400 times in the first few depositions from the impeachment inquiry that have been made public.

And everyone knows and accepts that he was running an unofficial back channel diplomatic mission in Ukraine. I have questioned whether this is even legal…I have my doubts.

But the frequency of his appearance in the testimony is starting me to think “Lock Him Up”…and I think that Mr. Giuliani has started to feel the pressure himself!

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, says he’s being represented by three lawyers as federal prosecutors in New York look into his business dealings.

Giuliani’s interactions with Ukrainian officials, including efforts to seek the removal of the U.S. ambassador, have been entangled in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

He tweeted Wednesday “that the evidence, when revealed fully, will show that this present farce is as much a frame-up and hoax as Russian collusion, maybe worse, and will prove the President is innocent.”

Maybe Mr. Giuliani still isn’t quite getting it. He should stop worrying about the President’s innocence and maybe start thinking about his own! Particularly given this headline:

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, said on Wednesday that he had assembled a legal team to represent him in the criminal investigation into his activities related to Ukraine, an announcement that came after weeks of sputtered attempts to find a lawyer willing to take him on as a client.

emphasis mine

Lock Him Up!


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  1. The way this whole thing is unfolding Draining The Swamp may become reality. Just not the way trump hyped it.

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