Trump Protects US From Bloody War!

As Turkish troops continue their unjustifiable invasion of Syria and their genocide against the Kurds, President Trump is patting himself on the back for keeping the US out of the bloody war. What?

Trump, in a tweet, said: “Very smart not to be involved in the intense fighting along the Turkish Border, for a change.

Totally ignoring the fact that there would be no intense fighting on the Turkish/Syrian border had the president maintained the US military presence in the Syrian Kurdish areas. Yes it’s good to not be involved in a war…it’s best to prevent that war in the first place.

President Trump has blood on his hands on this one…we as Americans do as well. For the short term, the national security committees in Congress should be looking at impeachment inquiries over the destruction of US Security in the Middle East by President Trump.

P.S. another lost in the ozone post…yuck. now I need to figure out what isn’t working. this one’s a month old.


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