Why Is Katie Hill Resigning While Trump Is Still In The White House?

California Representative Katie Hill resigned after nude photos were posted by right wingnuts and admission to an affair with a campaign staff member. Today was her last day in Congress and the full text of her resignation speech is reprinted here. The House Ethics committee is still investigating…but I don’t see the point in continuing that since she’s resigned. And she made a mistake, I get that.

But I guess my question is one of scale? Why is one freshman congresswoman forced to resign over a relatively minor scandal while we have an admitted philandering pussy grabbing thrice married president in the White House whose wife was at minimum a soft porn photo model when he met her. The hypocrisy and double standards exhibited here is appalling.

I am leaving now because of a double standard.

And so today, as my last vote, I voted on impeachment proceedings, not just because of corruption, obstruction of justice or gross misconduct, but because of the deepest abuse of power, including the abuse of power over women. Today, as my final act, I’ve voted to move forward with the impeachment of Donald Trump, on behalf of the women of the United States of America. We will not stand down. We will not be broken. We will not be silenced. We will rise and we will make tomorrow better than today. Thank you, and I yield the balance of my time for now, but not forever.


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